The Best Warranty in the Industry. Period.

We don’t sell our warranty, but when you buy our product, you should be 100 percent confident it will get the job done. We sure are! If at any time you have an issue with a chuck, we will replace it, no questions asked. it’s really that simple! Click below to view our warranty in-depth (hint: there’s not much else to it).

Keyed Drill Chucks

Keyed chucks are plain and simple – there’s a reason they’re the most popular chucks we sell. Just like your grandpa and father used, the keyed chuck has been proven decade after decade. There’s a good chance we made the chucks you used to use! Click below to see our line of workhorse keyed chucks.

Keyless Drill Chucks

Keyless chucks are great for tighter spaces, fast tool changes, and high precision. Some of Llambrich’s chucks even have wrench flats for supplemental tightening, ensuring a strong grip on the tool.

INOX Stainless Drill Chucks

When you need a chuck for medical, food, or marine applications, look at the INOX line of stainless keyed and keyless chucks. the SP and CSS chucks provide sanitary finishes and corrosion resistance.

Live Centers

Our live centers last longer, hold more weight, and spin truer than any other live centers on the market. On top of all that, they’re maintenance free, ensuring hours of precision production.

Arbors, Sleeves, Drifts, Keys and Accessories

Whether you need to fit your old chucks to a new machine, or lost your chuck key, our accessories allow you to ensure your operation continues to run smoothly.

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